Saturday, April 19, 2008

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We have moved to a new address (
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Thank you, Merci, Grazie, Danke, Gracias, Kob Khun Krub, Makasih again

Friday, April 11, 2008

New Sponsorship Deals.....


good news to share with all of you.....

JunioROAM ameer inked a new deal with Folker Malaysia please click here courtesy Mr. Ahmad the guy responsible bring in the stuff to our shores.....

and also to announce our Head Honcho Uncle Bully also inked a deal with Eiger Malaysia for 2008 race campaign....Uncle Bully will be the Ambassador using Eiger backpack and accessories along side A-Mud as the Icon for Eiger Malaysia....

so please join us to congratulate them for their new deals.....

Long Live ROAM.... Long Live ROAMers sponsors and business partners.....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

FreerideMalaysia Kiara Domination Series Race 2

Ok guys. the time has come!!! Question is... are u ready?

Read more inside... click on comments and of course leave some comments too.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Next Battle.....


bandung battle is over.... now the ROAMers are preparing for Kiara Downhill Domination#2 series on 27 april 2008.

One ROAMers will compete in Kenyir race this coming 27 april as well..

5 ROAMers will compete in Kiara....Fadzlee, Ameer, Amud, Red n u know who one and only Uncle Bully...

Will Red and Fadz The Fast Lee retain his title??? Will Amud move on to champ? will Uncle Bully not crash??

Will our junioROAM ameer can get podium??

we wait and see

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oakley Bandung MTB DH & BMX Dirt Jump 28-30 March 2008


Latest result updated by SuperYamm,

Mann Boy of Team Delmatic-KSH Cycles #1 Master A
SuperYamm of Team Delmatic-KSH Cycles (ROAMers) #3 Master B

waiting for Amud, Erol (Delmatic Manager) & FRM guys results....

Good luck to Senior ROAMers on the battle of timing supremacy in Cikole Bandung.....

Godspeed and Bon Voyage Monsieurs.......


Sorry no update for a while as i was downed with dengue fever....didnt come to work for 4 days resting at home..cant ride, but can eat all i becareful when u riding in Kiara, bring mozzy repellent....i'm not sure where i got it from maybe from work, or home or even please bcareful...

Back to DH thing.....
here are the poster for Bandung Oakley....damn I cant go....but the Mighty Senior ROAMers are going
1. Yamm (Team Delmatic - KSH Cycles)
2. Rizal Redride (Dirtworks Racing Team)
3. A-Mud (KSH Cycles - Eiger Racing)
they will be ROAMing ROAM colors in bandung and hopefully yet again will get good results...
Uncle Bully might be going to Subic, Luzon-Philipine for Terry Larazabal Bike Festival 3-6 April 2008...........

GODspeed ROAMers

Friday, March 7, 2008

King of Kiara.........

The Fastest King Fadzlee 'The Fast' Ariff

The current Master of King Rizal 'Redride' Hon

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Why I joined Honda Malaysia............


This is why I joined Honda Malaysia despite the pay is good........

But too bad, the MTB racing team dissolved last year and the bike was never reached out to production line.........right after I signed my letter of sad

so my dreams live on with another brand.........hehehehehehehe..........

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Felix 'Insane' New Ride

Guten Tag everybody........

here is our new brother in handlebar rides...

completed last saturday 1 March, tested on 2 March....

result, still need time to get used to it....but he clocked few miles already off road and on-air

08 Intense Slope Style 'M' Size red
Race face bars
Juicy 7 brakes
DT Swiss FR 6.1D wheels
McMahone hubs Front & Rear
Race Face Crank
Atom Lab Aircorp pedals
Kenda rubber
Thomson Elite seat post
and etc...........

Monday, February 25, 2008

2008 Freeride Malaysia Kiara Downhill Domination #1


It was a good event with at least 80 riders participated in the event.....

ROAM seniors Red & A-Mud finished 1st for Masters & 3rd for Mens Open. A-Mud crashed in the final but fought back for 3rd place...way to go ROAMer
ROAMer The Fast Fadzlee champ for Mens Elite...good job ROAMer after so long with no victory...

Too bad Head Honcho Uncle Bully & Super Yamm crashed in our final run in Masters category...
Super Yamm still got 4th place despite the crash at the last turn before DirtDrop. Uncle Bully crashed at the top section after Angel Jump and cruised down with a tilted handlebar....too bad..

Well its a race, anything can happened.... so now ROAMers are preparing for Cikole, Bandung in March 28-30.....

Please visit our Gallery blog for photos .........

Some pics from:

Long Live ROAM........... Long Live DH....

Thanks to Ghost ROAMer, FreeRide Malaysia for a good event and to all the event sponsors as well...........

ROAM would like to thank our sponsors & partners:
KSH Cycles
Eiger Malaysia
Sticker Stations
Delmatic Racing Team

By the way, we are also proud to announced that Herman a.k.a Mann Boy of Delmatic Racing Team has received his new ride for 2008 racing calendar.

A brand new 2008 Turner DHR courtesy of KSH Cycles.

Look at the pic below, see how happy he is..hahahahahahaha

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kiara 2008 Downhill Domination


For this series, ROAM seniors will compete in:

Mens Open: A-Mud
Masters: Rizal and Yamm
Elite: Uncle Bully (just wanna try hehehehehe)

Wish us luck.............................


We are proud to announce that FreeRide Malaysia will organize a DH Challenge series in 2008.

We would like to thank them in advance for assuring this event is going to happen.....and also u can scroll down to get info on current race or challenge for 2008 in Asia and World Cup series and World Champ.

For more info:

Pls click HERE